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If I chat in multiple conversations simultaneously then navigating between them is cumbersome. I would love the solution applied in gmail's hangouts: you can have many chats opened at the same time and some of them can be minimized and presented as a button with basic info: Name and unread message count. Clicking the button would open a popup with or navigate to specific space/chat.

Anonymous 2018-12-17 12:50
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Similar solution, as seen in Adium, is to have tabs for each conversation. So switching between conversation is a single click on a tab. Tab has a green icon indicating unread message. Tab has other persons name or has group name. The tab is at the bottom so once clicking the tab the area to start typing is right there, a few pixels away. This tab solution limits the screen space used, so I can have other work visible too.

2019-02-22 00:09

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